10 June 2012

Landlocked Farm update - June 2012

Winter squash plants in the foreground (I may have planted them too early). In the background are beans, cucumbers and dill. 

baby fig tree

This is our nightshade bed, since it holds various tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.  Interplanted are carrots and lettuce.

Beet and brassica bed. Features beets, chard, kale, and, eventually, brussels sprouts.

Sugarbaby watermelon bed. I hope they actually produce fruit.  They're in the most shaded bed, which is far from ideal, but I think it still gets decent sun in the summer. We'll rotate beds each year, so if nothing comes out of these plants, maybe next year!

Raspberry and strawberry bed. One of the raspberry bushes has died. The strawberry plants are nice and healthy.

One of two raspberry bushes. This one has produced a few berries. Still, it's starting to shrivel up, and the other one died completely.

View of the farm.