12 March 2012

Seed starting time

For this year's seed starting, I'm determined to be more organized. I'm keeping a monthly spreadsheet that lists what I'm planting and when.  With the help of my farming partner at Landlocked Farm, I also set up a seed station that is a little more sophisticated than last year's. I bought an extra shop light and suspended both lights from my basement's ceiling joists. The lights hang from chains, which allows me to raise or lower the lights as needed. Each shop light has one warm-light and one cool-light fluorescent tube.

I use coconut coir as the seed starting medium, and I also cover the seeds with vermiculite. So far, that system has worked great for me, and it allows me to avoid peat moss, which is unsustainable.

I started several plants fairly early--February 10--but it's been so unseasonably warm that I think I'll be able to start transplanting early. I'm so excited to garden! In addition to my backyard, which has 3 raised beds (pics to come), there's Landlocked Farm, which seems like a huge amount of space within the city (900 sq. ft.). It's going to be an exciting growing season!

Seed starting station.  Currently, I only have a few plants started, but I will be adding lots of tomatoes and peppers soon.
I use a plastic spoon to scoop up plants that need to me moved to larger containers.
Marjoram, oregano, thyme, leeks, and rosemary - all were ready to be moved  to larger containers.