17 July 2011

Garden(s) update - July 2011

It's been a very busy gardening summer. I'm still caring for 2 community garden plots, and I'm starting gardens in my backyard and in the "rental" lot that I'm currently tending with a friend. The latter project is progressing slowly but beautifully. After the asphalt removal, we began building beds. The owner of the lot had dozens of cinder blocks he allowed us to use, so we didn't have to spend any money on constructing raised beds. We shelled out some money for compost, hauling in 2 tons of organic goodness from the Fairmount Recycling Center.

We built three beds that are each approximately 2' x 16'. Two more beds along the fences measure approximately 3' x 20' and 3' x 17'.

Here are some photos of my backyard in progress:

I added wood chips to the pathways. The beds still need a lot of compost, but it's taking me a while since I have to transport it 30 gallons at a time from the municipal recycling center.

I'm growing perennial flowers around the fence.

Roses! I've always wanted a rose bush. I can't wait until it gets big and lush

Container plants along the brick path.