20 June 2011

I'm going to be a tenant gardener

A couple of months ago, after a series of forwarded emails, I met a guy in my new neighborhood that was seeking a tenant gardener or farmer. In exchange for a percentage of the produce I grow, I can maintain a garden on the lot adjacent to his house. This is basically like a yard share, and I'm so excited to be taking on this project.

Over the weekend, he invited several of his friends to help rip out the asphalt that covers the entire lot. It took 1 full day and another half day of jack-hammering and hauling asphalt scraps into a dumpster, but all of the asphalt is now gone and the ground is ready for some raised beds. Since I can't afford to buy wood for a bunch of beds, I will be using recycled materials as much as possible (including leftover cinder blocks from his home renovation project).

I'll start documenting this project -- along with my other normal posts. Look for the label "Tales of a Tenant Gardener." In the meantime, here are some pictures of the lot in progress.

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