26 April 2011

Moore St. Community Garden - update

I hadn't been to my community garden plot in South Philly in over a week, so I was ecstatic to see how well my spinach and lettuce were doing. Actually, the entire garden looks great, and I'm so proud to be a part of it. I will give up my plot at the end of the year since I was able to get another community plot in North Philly; it's going to be a bittersweet time.

Here are some updated pics:

(Everyone's plots are looking beautiful.)

(My lovely plot.)

(My lettuce and spinach before harvesting. The cabbage is also getting big. I also have mesculun sprouting and two strawberry plants that I transplanted last week.)

(Those are peas on the left. The rest are scattered arugula and mesculun. Some dill, beets, and radishes too, I think.)

(On the menu today: lettuce and chives from the garden with some chickpeas and feta and a balsamic vinaigrette.)

(The spinach is beautiful. I'm freezing it today for later use.)

Oh, and I got some great news. I may have access to almost 30' x 30' growing space! I met someone who's looking for a tenant gardener for a lot adjacent to his property. I expressed great interest, visited the lot, and I think I may be able to plant at the end of the summer (just in time to put in fall crops!).


  1. Fingers crossed that you do have actual acces to the 30' by 30' growing space that would be wonderful.

    Re the community garden, its so lovely to see the greens coming through.