15 December 2010

Spice shelves from leftover wood

I have a terrible habit of accumulating lots of junk. I haven't reached hoarder territory or anything, but I still buy too much crap. In the last few years, I've reevaluated my role as a mindless consumer. I try to buy mostly secondhand and to reuse and recycle items that, in the past, I would have discarded (mayonnaise jars become storage jars, etc.)

A few months ago, I (stupidly) purchased really expensive cedar so I could make a garden bed. The guy at the lumberyard cut the wood to the measurements I needed and gave me the remainder. In order to practice my recent "waste not, want not" mentality (and to justify slightly the purchase of the wood), I decided to find a use for these leftovers.

My husband and I purchased (there goes the buying again) shelf brackets and used the remainders--four pieces of wood, each about 2 feet--to create shelves for the various spice jars cluttering our kitchen counter. It was a really easy and fast project and provided us with more valuable counter space. Here are the happy results:


  1. Wow, those look great! They add such a nice touch to the kitchen

  2. Good job on the shelves! Do you use freecycle? It is another wonderful way to prevent useable goods from hitting the landfills.

  3. I check Freecycle frequently, but I haven't requested anything yet. The things I tend to look for - a box full of mason jars, for example - get scooped up almost immediately.

  4. What a great way to use the extra wood! I love Cedar too!