23 October 2010

Community Garden update: we're getting there!

Since starting the community garden in South Philadelphia, a lot of people have expressed interest in participating. Although a number of them have flaked out, we now have a small group of committed gardeners. Initially, it was just me and one other person. Since we both work full time, we had to do all the major work on weekends, and it was a huge job to clean up the lot, weed, rake, etc. What a difference a few extra bodies make! We now have 7 beds constructed and have marked out 7 additional ones. We've cleaned out the lot significantly and are even beginning to plant (although it's getting cold, so we're focusing on hardy plants).

(7 beds done! The cardboard against the wall will eventually line the walkways and will be covered with mulch.)

(We used bricks to mark the spots of future raised beds.)

(We made 2 piles of all the bricks and stones that littered and/or were buried in the lot. We'll use these to create mini-beds, as shown in the second photo, in which we'll plant flowers.)

(Shown here: caterpillars keeping fennel company. We'll use broken cinder blocks for raised beds as well, since we can plant inside the holes.)

I made a link to the community garden posts in the sidebar (See: Stuff I Write About --> The Moore St. Family Garden).


  1. Love reading about what you are doing! Hope you try the wine, let me know if you have any questions, it really is easy!

  2. thanks! I will definitely try the wine and eventually write my own blog post about it. :)