20 July 2010

Cluttering the house: finally hanging stuff up

After a year and a half of living in our South Philly house, we finally decided to decorate the living room, since we may be living here for another year and a half. We're renting, so unfortunately we can't paint the walls or get rid of the horrible popcorn ceiling. So, we covered as much wall space as possible. I have fairly eclectic decorating tastes. I've always liked a very cluttered, jumbled aesthetic. So, we put my mishmashed collection to work.

Behind the new couch, we put up a "tapestry" - really just semi-heavy brocaded fabric from a shop on Fabric Row. I love the look of tapestries but can't really afford the real thing, so this was the next best thing. I need to steam it a bit to get rid of the creases, but I really love the ornate pattern, especially against our ostentatious sofa.

On and against the south wall, we also put up prints of 19th-century French posters, a Halloween-inspired collection, tikis galore, and the map I scored at an antique shop.

For the north wall, where the tv currently sits, we added some masks, my Jesus tchochkes (mostly Polish folk art), and scattered a few photos on the bookshelves.

Nothing matches - and that's just the way I like it!

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  1. wow! looks so different from when I was there just a bit ago. Good job!

    Your sis....