26 June 2010

Cluttering the house: obnoxious sofa


I have a weak spot for overly-stylized Victorian furniture. So, when I walked into a vintage/antique shop and saw this sofa with its gaudy turquoise-and-gold brocade pattern, gold frame, and claw feet, I knew I had to buy it. It's obviously not from the 19th century, but it's a fairly nice replica. It needs some steam cleaning but is otherwise in great condition. I'm pretty thrilled to be replacing our current hand-me-down plaid couch.

Even Bam Bam is impressed.


  1. I know I should be commenting on the vermicomposting but OMG! I love this couch. I hope it can be repared. Oy.

  2. me too. For now, we've turned the cushion over. When we leave the house, we pile junk on the sofa to deter our beloved dog from finishing it off.