09 May 2010

Signs of Plant Life: First attempts

My container garden is starting to show signs of life. My transplants are still alive and most of the seeds are beginning to sprout. I'm a bit worried that most won't make it because I still have little idea about what I'm doing. For example, I drilled holes into inexpensive buckets, packed them with potting soil, and water them daily. However, I didn't learn until after finishing my planting that you should add rocks, pot shards, or even styrofoam pellets to the base of each pot to prevent the holes from clogging up. So, yesterday I bought a strawberry plant at Urban Jungle - an awesome new garden store in South Philly - and filled it with leftover packing styrofoam, after the instructions listed on my new blog obsession, Plants on Deck.

I'm reading as much as I can about container gardening, and even attended an urban gardening workshop. Hopefully, these efforts will pay off. I can't believe how many times a day I go onto my back patio and scrutinize my plants! I also ordered a thousand worms so I can begin vermicomposting.

(above) totes and cheap plastic planters house potatoes, cilantro, onions, carrots, tomatoes, leaf lettuce and mesculun - gray bucket in the rear holds compost

(above): tomato seedlings on the right and a planter filled with parsley, oregano, and thyme

(above): my brand new strawberry plant on the left, garlic (already sprouting) on the right

(above) the tiny beginning of carrots and mesculun

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