21 May 2010

Playing with food: Lettuce fresh from the garden

I made a salad today that incorporated lettuce grown in my container garden. The lettuce has sprouted so fast and beautifully that I had to harvest my first bunch or risk crowding the pot. I could not believe how flavorful the leaves were. I love salads, but I don't think of lettuce (esp. leaf lettuce) as particularly tasty. But these leaves were rich and complex - even better than lettuce purchased at the farmer's market. I'm a complete convert to eating foods picked seconds before.

In addition to yummy leaf lettuce, I added chickpeas, artichokes (water-packed), feta cheese, and kalamata olive. I also whipped up a tasty vinaigrette by blending a shallot clove, balsamic vinegar, good-quality olive oil, and a bit of Dijon mustard.

above: lettuce the day before it was picked (it was even lusher the following day)

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  1. Looks delicious, thanks for sharing your ideas. Will try this at home.