09 May 2010

Playing with Food: Dosa heaven

I love Indian food. It's probably my favorite cuisine. So, when I found a recipe in Gourmet magazine for a dosa filled with chickpeas and potatoes, I knew I had to try it.

I did not included the coconut, jalapeno, or cinnamon - mostly because I'm not a fan of the latter, and I didn't have the former two ingredients on hand. My finished dosa was a bit softer than I would have liked, so I used it as a "bed" for the filling rather than as a wrap. I'm not sure how I messed up the dosa itself - perhaps I inadvertently added too much water. Even so, it was delicious and really easy to make.

What I really want to make successfully is chana masala, which is probably my favorite meal. I have tried about six recipes, and none came out to my satisfaction. I'm trying to replicate the chana masala served at Pittsburgh's India Garden, since I haven't found a decent chana masala here in Philly (10 restaurants an counting). If you have any ideas for a fabulous recipe, please share!


  1. I have two tried and true chana masala recipes. One I use on friends who do not tolerate spicy foods, and the other is from Smitten Kitchen.

  2. Do you have links? I will try them! I made channa masala twice this month, and they both came out so-so (once again).