14 February 2010

Chickpea soup with spinach

I have this terrible habit of buying produce for a recipe and letting the remainder go to waste. Parsley is my biggest waste, since recipes often call for just a little, but you have to buy it in a large bunch. This week, I purchased spinach (another vegetable that you have to buy as a bunch) for a sandwich and only used a little bit. I didn't want to end up throwing away the remaining spinach, which was sure to rot in my refrigerator, so I decided to do what so many home cooks do: make a meal around an ingredient you happen to have on hand. I checked the index of my trusty How to Cook Everything Vegetarian and found a recipe for a chickpea soup to which you can add fresh spinach. The recipe is fairly simple: saute some onions and garlic, add the spinach, chickpeas, and stock. I also added some toasted pine nuts and curry powder, which seemed like it would go great with chickpeas. The soup came out pretty good, but it's not the most filling of meals. Thank goodness that I had just baked some bread, which really made them meal! I'm not sure I produced the greatest result but at least it was miles better than the mushroom monstrosity I attempted not so long ago.

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  1. I often freeze fresh produce when I can't use all of it immediately. The biggest culprits are cilantro, parsley, and berries. Bonus: chopping frozen cilantro or parsley is so much easier for me! I also freeze (peeled) very ripe bananas for my kids to eat, or for making banana bread. This soup sounds so good on a cold day!!