23 January 2010

Cluttering the House: map of the world

I've been looking for a large, vintage picture of the map of the world for quite some time now. I thought I might have to give up and simply buy a poster and frame it. However, as I was strolling along 2nd Street in Old City, I (actually, the person accompanying me) noticed a bookshop next door to AKA Music. The shop had no sign in the window or above the door since Jules, the book/antiques dealer who opened it two months ago, has yet to obtain one. Jules has an amazing selection of old books, paintings, photographs, and antiques. And lo and behold, I saw a beautiful map of the world. The frame is worn and the picture faded, but I had to have it. And for $40 (!), how could I resist? Now it will lean against the bookshelf until we (my husband and I, that is) decide whether we're sticking around or moving to another neighborhood.

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