04 November 2009

Curmudgeon's guide

I spent way too much time trying to figure out a name for this blog. And I could only come up with "the curmudgeon's guide to fabulous living." I'm sure some will find it annoying - with likely justification. But until I can think of a cleverer name, this is my blog about my domestic and social space. Specifically, how to feel better in both. I moved to Philly several months ago and hope to make it feel more like home. This blog will record some of my attempts to do this.

Most posts will be superficial -- style, decorating, cooking, getting out of the house to do stuff. Occasionally, or perhaps often, I will bitch and gripe. Because I'm a curmudgeon (though trying hard to reform), hence the name of the blog.

UPDATE: I finally got sick of the name, and have re-christened the blog as "Domestic Efforts."

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